How will the Market-Wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) affect metering?

There will be no getting away from the roll-out of HH (Half-Hourly) meters that is being enforced by Great Britain’s energy regulator. Metering is changing for a huge number of businesses and organisations in the UK and will be backed up by legislation, which has set out a time-frame for action. How energy usage is […]

Multi-utility connections and delays: What does our survey reveal?

Utility connections are a key step in any construction programme and yet feedback persists that this process is fraught with delays. To find out the extent of these issues, we did some digging through a survey of industry professionals, but what are the responses telling us? The results, although concerning, are unsurprising, given how customers […]

7 points to consider when switching your fleet to EV

EV plugged in charging

Electric vehicles aren’t yet compulsory, but they soon will be. For many businesses, it might mean as few as two more replacement cycles of their fleet vehicles. Is your business EV ready? Although the deadline for the ban on sales of petrol and diesel vehicles has been delayed until 2035, 80% of new cars and […]